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Hello BVA,

     Here is a short video from  the ASTROS Baseball Game yesterday with the Military Appreciation segment.  Worked hard to get them to include the name of "BVA".  They normally don't do that in these events when they introduce the veterans.   They normally only say their name, rank, branch service, and length of time in military! 


See what you could be doing:

Events:  (1)  Casino Bus and Sailing trip to be announced.
              (2)  Baseball Games! 

                     Wednesday, August 29 Astros vs. Oakland Athletics @ 1:00 PM
                              FREE TICKETS!! Member, Spouse/ Caregiver and two kids.

                              Meet at right field entrance no later than 12:30 P.M. for tickets.
                              Must sign up @ 713-791-1414 ext. 24958.                     
          (3)  CASINO TRIP!! Date for trip to Coushatta, LA; Thursday, July 26, 2018.  Members FREE!! Fee for non members, $17.00 each (NON REFUNDABLE!!) Depart @ 8:30 am from Bldg 108.  DEADLINE TO PAY - jULY 7, 2018; Call for reservations: 713-791-1414 ext. 24958 , 832-808-3038 
         (4)  DEADLINE: July 07, 2018.   RANCH TRIP!!
         (5)  Deer hunting trip date to be determined.  Fifteen(15) veterans and fifteen (15) spouse or caregiver for a total of thirty (30) people. (Two per suite).
         (6)  National Blinded Veterans Association 73d Annual Convention

                       13-17 August 2018

      On June 28 two of the BVA members were invited on the Astros playing field to be honored for military service appreciation event.
     Army BVA member and Vice President GHRG BVA Lawrence Hooper and Maj. Thomas Zampieri (Ret. USA.) BVA District Director 6 are the two in the photographs and video link.

Michael E. DeBakey VAMC, 2002 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030, (713) 791-1414
Eligibility Office- x27288, Appointments; (
800) 639-5137,

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